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Once you have chosen which starter kit you would like to begin with, you’re ready to set up your own Young Living Account.  A wholesale membership comes with the Purchase of your Premium Starter kit (it’s like a membership to Costco without the annual membership fee) and allows you to order at a 24% discount.  There are no monthly purchase minimums and zero requirements to sell anything. Retail accounts pay full price.

Be sure to use the link of a friend who referred you here, so you are connected to them.  Below are step-by-step instructions to walk you through the order process.  Once you have your account set up and have ordered your starter kit, be sure to join us in our team Facebook group.  Please reach out to the person with whom you enroll or to Jamie Moya to be added to The Enlightened Oilers Facebook Community.  Remember, you can come back here once your account is set up and access all of the amazing education and resources in the members sections of our website.

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How To Order:


Step 1:

Assuming you are getting an Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit (PSK), choose your preferred diffuser in this step.  Note: The PSK with the Rainstone diffuser, Savvy Minerals PSK, Thieves PSK, and Ningxia PSK can all be found in the “Other Premium Kits” tab. The “Specialty Kits” tab includes the Spanish kit, Military kit, and International 220v kit.

How To Order Young Living

Step 2:

This step asks if you wish to enroll in Essential Rewards. It is optional, but we highly recommend it because you will start earning points and a freebie right away!

How To Order Young Living

step 2 continued:

If you do not wish to enroll now, simply click “No” and then “Next.”

(You will skip step 3)

How To Order Young Living

Step 2 continued:

If you’re ready to start earning points and free oils or product right now, then click “Yes” and “Yes” again to ensure your PSK counts toward your first Essential Rewards order.

Enroll How To Order Young Living

Step 3:

If you chose “Yes” for Essential Rewards” you get the opportunity to add more items to your first order.  You can add a Thieves or Ningxia kit or you can choose to “Customize Your Kit” and add the products of your choice.  You can add a Thieves or Ningxia Essential Rewards kit in the customize section as well.

How To Order Young Living

Step 4:

Fill in your personal information.  (A co-applicant is simply someone you will allow to access your account and place orders.)

Step 5:

Choose a username, password, and 4-digit PIN.  PLEASE write down this PIN as it will be used by customer service to identify you anytime you call Young Living.

How To Order Young Living

Step 6:

Choose your Tax ID Option: No SSN, SSN, or DBA. In the event you wish to earn commission with Young Living, you will need to provide your social security number. This can be done at a later time.

Step 7:

If no one referred you, please click here or the “Order My Kit” button at the top of this page, and Jamie Moya will be your sponsor.  If a friend referred you, please click your friend’s photo located in Meet Our Team. It will either take you directly to the Young Living website or to their About Me page where you can click on “Get Started with Me.”  Their number will already be filled in for you. If your friend cannot be found in this section, you can go to Young Living and fill in the information yourself.

Be sure your friend’s member number is recorded in both the enroller and sponsor fields.

If everything is correct, click “Continue.”

Step 8:

Read & Agree to the Member Agreement.  This can be found under the Member Resources section of your account if you wish to go back to it at another time.

Click “Agree and Continue.”

How To Order Young Living

Step 9:

Choose how quickly you would like to receive your order.  This does not include processing time, which is typically 1-2 business days.  We recommend 3-day shipping as Smart Post can take a long time to arrive. Either check the box “Shipping address is the same as primary address” box or fill in the shipping address you would like your order delivered to.

Step 10:

Fill in the Billing Information section with your credit card information or choose Paypal. Click “Next.”  Your order will be finalized on the next page.

How To Order Young Living

Step 11:

Check all of the information on this final screen to ensure everything is correct. If not click “Back” and make any necessary adjustments. If it is all correct, finalize your order! Congratulations!!  You are now a Young Living member and a valuable member of our community.  

We cannot wait to share this experience alongside you!

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