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We are…

a beautiful, growing community of like-minded people

 …sharing wellness stories and successes, providing hope, and offering freedom. We are all striving to be healthier - learning, sharing, and growing together. We are passionate about helping people. You are your best advocate when it comes to your and your family’s health and wellness.  It is our goal to empower you to seek options that will lift up your family and give you a community of support to enhance your knowledge and your wellness! Whether you use Young Living Essential Oils simply for your own health, or you choose to share your knowledge and experiences with others while working toward financial freedom, you’ve come to the right place.  We would like to assist you on your wellness journey, walking beside you, supporting you, and encouraging you to reach your full wellness potential.

Young Living Essential Oils
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We’re here to help you from day one!

Once you become a member of our team, you will get to connect with others experiencing the essential oil lifestyle right along with you. We have a plethora of resources and education at your fingertips right here in the member sections of our website. Once a member of the team, you will also be invited to a private Facebook community to connect with others who in our community who are happy to help empower you, share testimonials, ask and answer questions, participate in giveaways, and build incredible friendships. Our community has a simple yet powerful goal: We strive to educate one another, inspire one another, and help each other thrive!



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I feel supported by this team on the daily. I love the fact that I can post a question, ask for advice or simply share an oily win and so many people on our team chime in with love, encouragement, advice, understanding or simply support. Our community is amazing!
— Nadine
One hundred percent supported by every person in this community. Don’t know much and have learned so much from people here! Every question is answered, and it makes me feel good! That’s awesome!
— Angelisa
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The knowledge gained through this group empowers me with the confidence I need to not fear any health issues that might arise. I’m passionate about the health of my family and the fact that there are natural tools God has blessed us with that we can use as tools for wellness!
— Connie
Passion for essential oils kicked in as soon as I started seeing positive change in my mood and health, and realizing we have the answers to so many good things in just one drop!
— Dodie
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I love that when I need something I can turn to our community and ask. It could be a class idea, knowledge in a particular area I’m not familiar with, or just support from like-minded people. It’s empowering to know I have this wealth of knowledge to draw from!
— Tatum
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I am connected to a group of like-minded individuals that support me and my natural lifestyle.
— Jami
I feel confident because I am connected to others that share my same passion for essential oils, connected to a company that I believe in, and connected to the earth.
— Dodie
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I feel supported by a very knowledgeable community that is passionate about their wellness and YL lifestyle. This empowers me to live the same way and make better choices for me and my loved ones. I always feel connected because of the ideas we share and the love we have for what we believe in. I have definitely become more expressive with what I am doing, and I am always willing to help others.
— Mahira
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Being connected to this huge like-minded community has awakened in me the realization that the future is unlimited! We support each other any way we can! All we need to do is share what we know with everyone we meet, and then develop those relationships! How awesome is that?!
— Connie
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I love the word unlimited. I would have never come up with it on my own, but it truly embodies how I feel with the support of this community. I know I don’t know everything, but collectively we are genius! We each have different strengths and together we can solve any problem or answer any question.
— Tatum