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What is Essential Rewards?

It’s wellness delivered to your doorstep!


Loving oils? Want to try new ones?  Time to refill your favorites? Looking to ditch your current household products (cleaning supplies, oral care, skin care, personal care, supplements, makeup) and replace them with healthier alternatives?

Then Essential Rewards just plain makes sense.

That is, unless you don’t like discounts, gifts, and freebies!


Essential Rewards (ER) is a free, optional monthly box that you can customize to gradually build a wellness cabinet.  Don’t panic! This auto-ship isn’t scary at all! It’s incredibly flexible and it really is the best monthly box EVER!

  • You choose the date it ships and the items you want, which you can change each month!  You get what you want, when you want it, AND you get discounted shipping.

  • Essential Rewards requires orders of just per month 50PV, which is basically $50.  

  • You earn points (think: store credit) on every ER order you place.  You also earn free ER bonus oils or products which vary with each monthly promotion. Earn 10% of your order’s product volume in points for the first three consecutive months, 20% for months 4-24, and 25% for 25 consecutive months and thereafter on Essential Rewards.

  • Receive FREE loyalty gifts when you have been an Essential Rewards member at these intervals: 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months.

  • Receive a FREE Exclusive bottle of Loyalty Essential Oil Blend on your 12-month Essential Rewards Anniversary and an Annual ER Exclusive Blend each year thereafter.

  • Get access to exclusive discounted Essential Rewards kits.

  • Opportunity to enroll in YL Go or YL Go+, our incredible annual free shipping program.

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With transfer buying, you’re really not having to spend more.

Let me explain.

You already purchase items every month like cleaners and detergents, toothpaste, cough drops, skin care, vitamins, and supplements. Many of those products aren’t clean or healthy. Guess what? Young Living makes all of these things! It gets even better…. Young Living’s are filled with safe, healthy ingredients you can trust.

Think about replacing these items you are purchasing already with healthier, cleaner, safer Young Living alternatives.  It’s not a need to spend more, just spending it in a different place while supporting your body. You’ll be purchasing these items with your wholesale discount AND earning points (store credit) with each purchase AND earning freebies with the monthly promotions! which means you’ll be saving money and providing healthier options for you and your family.

The one health change you can make that will make the biggest impact is to remove products that contain “fragrance” from your life!  Fragrance (read: hidden chemicals) can be made up of hundreds of chemicals that don’t have to be revealed to you because of proprietary formulations.  Many ingredients in fragrances are known carcinogens and have been shown to disrupt your endocrine and reproductive systems (birth defects, lower sperm count, hormone imbalance, etc).  Filtering these out of your body is very hard on your kidneys and liver as well. Your respiratory system takes a huge hit from these fragrances… just do a little research on synthetic fragrances and asthma!  It’s become quite difficult to find clean products in our stores with deceptive labeling and creative marketing. With Young Living, there is no more questioning. You get clean, healthy products and a much happier mind, body, and spirit!

Which items will you start switching out first?!

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 Step 1

Log in to your Young Living Account, and go to Essential Rewards in the menu on the left of your screen. Once on that page, simply click the JOIN NOW button at the bottom.


Step 2

Now you can choose the products you’d like to order. Remember a couple of our very favorites, Ningxia Red and Thieves household products, are available in discounted essential rewards kits


Step 3

Once you’ve selected all your items, you’ll be prompted to Save Monthly Order. You’ll be able to view everything in your order, adjust quantities, AND see all the awesome bonus gifts you get when ordering at the monthly promotion tiers of 100PV, 190PV, 250PV, and 300PV!  Be sure to pay attention to the PV subtotal column rather than the dollar subtotal (sometimes these column subtotals differ) as the PV subtotal is what determines your free promotional items.


Step 4

Choose how you would like your ER order shipped each month. If you have a month where you need things fast, there are multiple shipping options to get your order to you on time. (If you have YL Go or YL Go+ your order will ship free and be shipped priority!  Want it overnight? Pay only $10.)


Step 5

One of the best things about ER is that you can choose when it’s sent to you! You can stick with your default processing date or find one that works better for you.  
Pro Tip: Change your next monthly order each time your current month’s order arrives to be sure you get something new each month.


Step 6

Setup your payment options by entering your card information. You’ll also have the opportunity to round up your order to the nearest dollar automatically as a donation to the Young Living Foundation, a non-profit charity where 100% of your donations go to YL causes around the world.  Not one penny goes to administrative costs. You can learn more about the YL Foundation here.


Step 7

Here’s your order summary that shows the basics of your monthly ER order.


Step 8

You’re good to go! From this page, you can view or change your ER order, change your shipping info, payment info, or processing date, view your order history, and even process your order whenever you’re ready for that month’s order!  To see your current points balance, earn rate, and consecutive month tally click “Rewards Points” at the top of the page.  Remember, you can place ONE Essential Rewards order per month.

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PV Assist: What Is It, & Why Do You Need It?

PV Assist keeps your Essential Rewards order from falling short of your target PV goal in the event any of your products go out of stock before your order processes.  If your order falls short, it may cause you to miss out on promotions or commissions, and if it falls below 50PV, it could reset your consecutive months dropping you back down to the 10% earn rate and resetting the timeline to earn your free gifts (@ 3, 6, 9, and12 months, and then annually).

PV Assist allows you to choose your monthly target.  If you are not sharing YL, then the 50PV monthly minimum is fine.  If you are sharing and/or building a business and want to earn bonuses or commission, your monthly minimum is 100PV.  For those of you who have your target set on the freebies at 100PV, 190PV, 250PV, and 300PV, you will want to set your PV goal to one of those amounts to ensure you don't miss out on the promotional items.  You can change your goal anytime you wish.

If your PV falls below your customizable PV goal, the assistant will automatically add items from your chosen wish list in the order you have listed them regardless of the PV value of that item.  Fill this wish list with items you use often and don't mind having duplicates of. Because it simply takes items in the order you have them listed until your PV goal is reached, we recommend that you do not list expensive items first.  Personally, we list several $6-$25 items in our lists and only put high PV items in the wish list that we use often.

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YL Go is an Essential Rewards exclusive subscription to get fast, easy, free shipping!

It gives you up to 36 shipments of Essential Rewards and Quick orders delivered right to your doorstep within 2-4 business days.  If you need your shipment even faster, you can overnight it for just $10, a HUGE savings!! If you order heavier products such as Ningxia Red, this program saves you a TON in shipping fees!

Download the YL GO Flyer to learn more.

Follow these steps to enroll in YL Go or YL Go Plus:

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  1. Log in to your Young Living Account, and go to Essential Rewards in the menu on the left of your screen and then select YL Go. 

  2. Select either YL Go+ or YL Go.

  3. Verify your payment method from the credit cards you have on file. Your subscription will automatically renew each year.

  4. Read the Terms & Conditions and then check the box.

  5. Click “Subscribe” to complete the process.

  6. Once you have subscribed, you can monitor your credits in the YL Go tab in your Essential Rewards section.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about YL Go and YL Go+ can be found here.

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 You may redeem points after you are enrolled in Essential Rewards for two months. You may redeem up to 375 points per month.
Follow the instructions below to redeem your points.


1. Begin a quick order

2. Rewards points can only be redeemed on Quick Orders for products with a little flag next to the PV amount. These are usually full PV products (where the price and the PV match). If there is no flag next to the PV amount of an item, that item is not eligible to be paid for with points. Discounted products and Essential Reward kits are not eligible, and some products are restricted for a limited time after they are first released.

Redeem Points 01.png

3. Upon checkout when asked for your payment, select the Essential Rewards Points section.  Select the boxes next to the items you wish you use points to pay for. You must have enough points to cover the full PV of the item you are selecting.  If the item requires more points than you have available in your Balance Total, you will not be able to use points. As you select items, your Balance Total will change to reflect how many points you still have left to spend.  Points are not deducted from your point bank until the order is processed.

 4. If an item is not eligible to be paid for with points, it will not have a check box in front of it and it will be followed with the words “not eligible.”

Redeem Points 02.png

5.  If there is any money owed after you make your point selection, it will charge the default payment method on your account unless you change that manually in the payment section just below the essential rewards points section. 

6. Be sure everything looks correct on your screen, and then process your order!