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This Business Foundations Class will give you the foundation you will need to begin your journey to Royal Crown Diamond.  It truly is fun and exciting to be able to provide for yourself, your family, and the people and causes you hold dear while doing something you love, something with real purpose.  We will be covering the basics to ensure you have a strong foundation on which to build. Something we hear quite often is that people want to wait to post or share about their oils until they are familiar with everything or until they know a lot more. Keep in mind that there is always something new to learn, even those who have been using and sharing Young Living for twenty years learn something new all the time.  No one knows all of it, so there’s no sense in waiting until you “know it all.”

Business Foundations is a basic overview of the touch points you will need to know without going into a lot of detail which will help you avoid overwhelm.  More in-depth information is found in the “Dream. Grow. Inspire.” class.  The absolute most important foundation to learn and become intimate with is the Three Pillars, the first lesson in this class. Here we will explain what the Three Pillars are.  More information on the three pillars will be covered in multiple posts in our Sharing Blog.  The rest of the sections in this class go over the technical details many people ask along the way.  Remember, you can always come back and reference the information as often as you want. Please don’t feel like you need to memorize it, just get familiar with it.